Our skilled technicians are competent in all aspects of commercial facility maintenance and rest assured that we have already completed projects in your area and scope of business. We are experienced in areas such as Townhome Communities, Industrial Parks, Office Complexes, Medical Facilities and more.

Quality Sealcoat Inc. can maintain your parking facility on weekends, holidays or whenever it is convenient for you and your tenants/employees. We can even seal your parking facility in phases if necessary.

Commercial Services Available

Not only do we provide sealcoating services but we can also provide the following

  • Remove and Replace Asphalt
  • Pavement Patching
  • Hot Rubberized Crackfilling
  • Line Striping

Why is Sealcoating Important?

Sealcoating is preventative maintenance. As the sealcoat dries, it hardens to a tough, protective skin that helps to keep the asphalt looking new and resists deterioration. Sealcoating on a regular basis will actually slow down the aging process and help your facility last longer.

The Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Beautification
  • Easier Cleaning
  • Resists Oil and Gas Spills
  • Resists Car Cleaning Soaps
  • Easier Snow Removal
  • Shields Against the Harmful Effects of the Sun
  • Protects Against the Freeze/Thaw Cycle

Quality Sealcoat prides itself on its products and workmanship and as such we strictly follow our 7-Step Quality Process to ensure that you get the best service and result every time.

The 7-Step Quality Process

  • Loosen dirt and all debris
  • Trim overgrown grass
  • Commercial power blower used
  • Hot Rubberized filler is used
  • Petroseal ensures sealer adhesion to stains
  • Brush on commercial grade sealer
  • Secure street access

Service Area

For all commercial services we service a much wider region outside of and including McHenry County. No matter where you are located, contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange an evaluation of your facility.

Save your parking facility and let us maintain your investment. Contact us today and find out why our customers always come back to Quality Sealcoat Inc.